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    Company culture and spirit

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    Core philosophy:  Sailing across the ocean, towards a promising future
    Sailing across the ocean is the only way to be stronger and stronger of CCSIC. From the construction of inland river ships to ocean ships is the wise choice of CCSIC, building stainless steel chemical tanker is the specialty of CCSIC, setting up the “Chuandong chemical tanker “ as an international brand is the ambitious ideal; CCSIC was born for the navy, it will continue to carry forward the spirits of military enterprise and continue to serve the navy equipment; CCSIC can not developing and growing only with the inland strength, opening new building base at the coastal is an important way to promote CCSIC onto the world stage.
    Enterprise spirit: unity and initiative, confidence and independence, self-discipline and perseverance.
    The man of honour will strive constantly for self-improvement. Carrying forward the “Third Line” spirit of “arduous struggle and silent contribution” and enhancing the new-era shipbuilding spirit of “striving ahead and pioneering creatively” the people of CCSIC has, after the accumulation of nearly half a century, created the distinctive enterprise culture. The enterprise spirit of “united, pioneering, self-confident and striving along” has encouraged the  generation after generation to advance bravely and create the resplendence!
    Enterprise vision: to build the best and largest manufacturing base for special-purpose ships in the upper middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and a world-class manufacturing base for chemical tankers; and to build the domestically leading manufacturing base for electromechanical equipment and steel structure products.

    1. Products of the company mainly include: more than 300 military and civilian vessels; 300-1,000MW power station boiler air pre-heaters, power station desulfurizers and ship hatches; steel structures for Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge, Zhong County Yangtze River Bridge, Wushan Yangtze River Bridge, and Chongqing Egongyan Yangtze River Bridge. Its products were sold to over 20 provinces and cities in China, as well as countries and regions including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Britain, Italy, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norway, etc. The company is also in the leading place with regard to the manufacturing ability of stainless steel chemical tanker with the deadweight below 10,000 tons in China. Now , the company has two production bases. The headquarters is located in Fuling and the another is in Donggang,chongqing. Formed a “one company, two production bases” model, greatly improved the production capacity. The construction of Special-purpose ship is the main business of company and the foundation of survival and development of company. Therefore, the company will give full play to its own resources advantage, making the special-purpose ship industry continue growing and becoming stronger, setting up a “Chuandong chemical ship” brand. At the same time, combining the ship productions with non-marine productions, extending industrial chain and then realizing the goal of “two bases”.
    Workers’ vision: comfortable environment for living and working
    Comfortable environment for living and working is the motivation of employees to be loyal and work hard. Company will strive to create a good working and living environment for employees, eventually realize the common development of company and employees.
    Core value: regarding customers’ success as our own success, and a solid foundation at present assures a bright future.
    The customer is god. Mutual benefit and win-win cooperation is the common target of company and its customers. To provide clients with high-quality products and excellent service, safeguard the interests of the customer is to create benefits for company. The higher towers begin from the ground, only priority to foundation, one step at a time, can we create a better future.
    Enterprise mission: to be a trustworthy partner for the customers .
    诠释:客户是公司生存发展的基石,“川东化学品船” 是公司多年培育起来的品牌。为客户提供高品质的产品和优质的服务,做实做靓“川东化学品船”,取信客户,广交朋友,铸就川船 辉煌,是川东船舶重工及全体员工的不懈追求。
    The customer is the foundation of survival and development to a company, “Chuandong chemical tanker” is a brand developed by our company for many years. To provide clients with high-quality products and service, develop the “Chuandong chemical tanker” brand, gain the trust of consumers, exploit markets are the common goals of company and the whole stuff.

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